Rock Stars Club
Rock Stars Club

Rock Stars Club

Rock Stars is our fantastic WEEKLY term time, after-school, climbing club that will engage your young people with exciting games and challenges every week.

Invest in their confidence, fitness and new experiences with a Rock Stars climbing course. Purchase the entire 6-week after-school climbing course for less, or you can pay per session..

We focus on developing climbing skills, building confidence & strength, plus having loads of fun and of course reaching new heights! Great for making new friends too.

Suitable for all ages and just £10* a session! (bookable as a block for each half term, usually 6 sessions or you can choose to pay as you go).

*£9 at Meadowhall

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Calm Climbing Sessions for SEND Visitors

Climbing is a fantastic way to burn off some energy while having mountains of fun.

During our calm climbing sessions, created for our visitors with Autism and SEND in mind, we’ll turn the music off and there will be fewer climbers in the arena to create a calmer and quieter environment. Family and siblings are of course also welcome to climb.

Visiting for the first time? Here is what to expect.

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Home Educators

Our HomeEd sessions are ideal time to get the kids and educators together for some adventurous learning fun.

Climbing at Rock Up is a unique, thrilling activity that can benefit all children, building confidence, teamwork skills and self-esteem. It’s the perfect physical and mental challenge that can be integrated into the National Curriculum from Key Stage 1 to 4.

Our fun climbing walls at Rock Up are uniquely designed to offer multiple challenges to suit all abilities.

Suitable for 4+ years, novice to expert. No equipment needed.

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Glow Party Climbing Sessions

Lights Low, Music Loud, Climb High!

Looking for something fun to do with the family in the evenings? Something different? Something special?

If you’re adventurous like us, then you’ll love our lights out climbing sessions!

Every Thursday evening from 6:30pm – 8pm (term time only) we turn the lights down and the music up and host our very special glow and climb session.

We find the teenagers love this! With the coloured lights in some of our climbing walls and great music it’s the perfect place for socialising and having fun.

Please note sessions vary from venue to venue and are seasonal. Please check your location for details.

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