Fun Climbing Walls
Fun Climbing Walls

Fun Climbing Walls

Reach New Heights

Each of our centres has over 20 climbing walls with more than 70 challenges, all of varying levels, so there is plenty to choose from.

Some of our most popular climbs which are available at multiple centres are:

The Big Cheese – a great wall for beginners to climb with multiple hand a foot holes there is plenty of options to grip which makes for a successful climb every time.

Speed Climb – Set the timer and race to the top, challenge yourself to beat your friends time or set yourself a climbing PB.

Stairway to Heaven – This is a tall climbing challenge! Climb and jump from post to post to reach new heights then enjoy the adrenaline rush on your descent.

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Climbing for Everyone!

Climbing for Everyone!

Change Your Altitude

Climbing is not just for extreme adrenaline junkies – everyone can join in and have fun! Adults, teen, tweens and children can experience our climbing arena and challenge themselves to reach new heights!

There are so many benefits to rock climbing whatever your ability;
Increases strength and grip – whilst you’re scaling the peaks you’ll be using a variety of muscle groups; arms, legs, core and back. This improves your overall strength – it really is a full body work out (but more fun than a visit to the gym!)
Burns Calories – your pulse will be increased which is great for heart health and burning calories – all while experiencing new thrills!
Better Balance – climbing will naturally increase your core strength which will give you better balance and allow you to climb even further next time.
Exciting and Fun – climbing is a fun activity that brings the family together.

So, whether you’re 4 or 64 we know you’ll love climbing in one of our Rock Up centres. Book your session now.

Climbing for Everyone!